1.How do I claim the warranty?

Please register Lifetime Warranty members on the ivanky’s official website and provide your Amazon order ID.


2.How do I get replacement?

You can fill in the form we have on the ‘support’ page or you can contact us directly.(


3.The product was replaced whether I enjoy the lifetime warranty?

Absolutely! Lifetime warranty is a service provided and guaranteed by iVanky although you have replaced the product.


4.Is 4feet (1.2m) cable long enough? Or should I just buy a 8 feet(2.4m) one?

It depends what you are using it for. We are using ours in our car to hook up a MP3 player and it works well.


5.Is this slim enough to fit a phone case?

Absolutely! That is the specific reason I purchased this cable. My previous cable required me to remove the bottom of the phone case so I could listen to my audio books in the car.


6.Does it work well in cars? Is the music clear?

Yes it does work well, as long as you have a radio/cd player with the auxiliary cable. The music is clear but the clarity will be affected by the type of speakers you have. Hope that helps 🙂